Now that I’ve survived my first Bostonian winter and spring has finally sprung, I made it a point to revisit the rose garden I discovered last fall. All of the flowers were replanted by now and now with a year of experience behind me, I figured I’d go and give it another shot.  I also brought along my prism to try and get interesting effects again.  Can you spot which shots had it?

If you use the prism with direct sunlight, you can shine a rainbow on anything you want as long as you get the angles right.  This trip was just time for me to try and get to experiment and try some new things with my prism.  I also tried using a CD to bend some light, but those didn’t come out so well.

Lastly, I’ve been going through a creative rut these past few weeks, so I apologize if my work seems a bit lackluster.  It’s taking me a bit longer than I would like to get back into the swing of things.

Bloom in the brightness.

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