With the New Year around the corner, it’s time to look back on 2018. This year was a rough one, but there still is enough reason to celebrate. So let’s do a quick recap:

I welcomed 2018 with some friends in a house in upstate New York. It’s a new year’s tradition that we go away somewhere and spend some time together away from responsibilities. Whether we’re coming from school or jobs, it’s always a good time to get away.

Earlier in the year, I shot my largest photo project to date: Perfect with my friends Brian and Airi. Since then, I have yet to do another multi-day photoshoot, but I would still love to. It was a great time and I would love to try something new with them when spring rolls around.

In March, I went to Portland, Maine to check out the lighthouse for the first time. At the time, it was a nice small day trip to get away from Boston and get some fresh air. Turns out, it is still cold in Maine in early March, so if I were to do it again, it would definitely be during warmer weather.

For Dine Out Boston, I ate at the Top of the Hub, which is the restaurant at the top of the Prudential Center. The food was delicious and the views were even better. I also learned the importance of giant soft light for food photography, because these are still the best food photos I’ve taken in my life. If you want some good views, I recommend heading up at sunset to really see the sky light up.

Early April was all about sports. I went to my first Red Sox game along with a few close friends as part of a bachelor’s weekend. I also went took some photos of the Boston Marathon through heavy rain. These two times were also the last time used my 70-300mm lens. I think I need to go out and get my self a new telephoto lens in the near future.

Speaking of close friends, my two close friends got married in early May. It was one of the few times out of the year where we all get together, so it was definitely a good time to celebrate.

In June, I finally did the photo walk that I’ve always wanted to do in the city that I’ve lived next to for the past two decades. I spent an entire day walking (and taking the subway) from Long Island City into midtown, and then down to Brooklyn to take pictures for myself. I haven’t had time to do a photo walk in a long while, but hopefully I get a chance to do it again in 2019.

Early July was all about colors, whether it be with the rose garden or pyrotechnics in the sky. They were both cases of “let’s just shoot and see what happens”. Sometimes the less you think about a photo, the better it is.

Like my time at the aquarium last year, this year I went to the zoo in Boston. It’s no Bronx Zoo, but it was still a nice escape from my school responsibilities. Plus I got this nice shot of a peacock. I would later see equally large turkeys roaming the streets of Boston. Apparently it’s a common ‘problem’ here.

The fall semester was especially difficult for many reasons. So I had to put my camera down and spend some time to myself. I did manage to squeeze out a shot of the fall leaves as well as take some headshots for some of my classmates. But now I am back and ready to create.

And lastly, here’s a quick gallery of my favorite portraits from this year. There are too many to mention, but these are some of the highlights:

What a wonderful year it’s been. I’ll see you in 2019.

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