It’s early July again, which means it’s fireworks season again!  If you saw my post last year, I expressed how difficult it is to get a great composition while also finding the best camera settings for shooting fireworks.  So going into the week of July 4th, I had a few attempts to get the best shot I could.  There were fireworks being launched the Saturday before and then also on Wednesday the 4th.

Every year the fireworks are launched from a barge in the middle of the Charles River.  Lucky for me, I have a direct line of sight of the fireworks from the roof of my own apartment building.  So instead of battling crowds, I was able to leisurely set up my tripod and shoot away through the night.  198 photos later:

By the end of it all, I just had my finger idly pressing the shutter as I took it all in.  I’ll probably never get tired of fireworks for as long as I live.

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