Boston Shoot VII – Rain, Rain, Go Away

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If you haven’t seen my last post with Jenny,  Cafetière, I highly recommend that you give it a read.  Right after taking those shots, we ventured out to a public garden area that is practically in our backyard.  It’s actually the same garden I walked through on my way home a few weeks back.  If you do the angles just right, it looks like the greenery stretches out forever.  Add in some occasional flowers, then everything comes together for a nice, soft aesthetic.  It was also drizzling on and off, so I used the weather as an excuse to use her transparent umbrella.

I also used a shard of mirror to get a few test shots.  I can’t break it out with every shoot for obvious reasons, but I have a few different ideas with what I can do with it.  This was just a trial run to see how it looks, and I think it worked brilliantly.

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