For those who didn’t know, I shattered a 5 foot mirror in my room a few months ago.  It happened right before finals, so needless to say I was stressed with all of the extra bad luck I just incurred.  Anyway, after cleaning up that mess, I kept a few of the larger shards for the express purpose of taking photos with them later.  I wasn’t sure what I would use them for, or if they would even look any good, but I figured I’d try it anyway.  If you saw my shoot with Jenny that I did before, I used one of the pieces to get an interesting shot over my shoulder.  It looked great and everything, but how else could I use the pieces of mirror?

Turns out, you can be quite creative with it, especially if you decide to photoshop a photo of the Prudential Center into the reflection.  It was particularly scalding that afternoon so I didn’t spend too much time outside.  But it was enough for me to learn how to shoot through reflections.

Wish me luck for the next six years and ten months.  I definitely need it.

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