I’ve had so many ideas for a coffee-based photoshoot.  Imagined that it would be half product photography (beans and all) and half portraiture.  So when I pitched it to Jenny and Celia, my other avid coffee fanatics, they were both on board.  Unfortunately Celia couldn’t make it because she had a plane to catch.  So Jenny volunteered a part of her morning to photogenically drink a cup of coffee from my french press.

Nothing like spending a rainy Saturday morning with a steaming cup of coffee in your hands and a camera in your face.

I had a conversation with someone a few weeks back where I was labeled as a “coffee snob”.  At the moment I found it hilariously untrue.  I just appreciate the drink and rely on it to get me through the day.  There was no way that I was that picky about how I like my coffee.

Looking back now, she may have had a point.

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