I’ve been in a rut lately.  I don’t know why, but I can best describe the feeling as being unsatisfied with my daily routine, especially now that I’m working full time with 9 hour work days.

So here’s the culmination of events that led me to spending over a $1000 dollars at once.

  1. Research — I love shopping for camera gear.  So much so that I’ve had the Canon 77D / 80D on my radar for quite some time.  I had a small hiccup when I saw that the 6D Mark II was announced, but I determined that I really didn’t need the full frame, and that it would be a large fortune to buy new lenses for it.  Also, I’ve been looking to upgrade my lenses, particularly my 18-55 or 70-300.  Sigma makes a great 17-50mm for $369, versus Canon’s equivalent which is about 800+.  And there’s a 70-300mm USM lens for about $500 that I would love to own eventually.  Added that to my wishlist.  Regardless of all of these things, its still a lot of money, and I really should be financially responsible and wait until I have a steady, reliable income before I invest in this hobby… right?
  2. Paycheck — I recently got my biweekly paycheck, and my bank account is the highest its ever been (which is not a lot of money, I promise you.)  But I looked at it and thought about what I could do to treat myself.  I probably should’ve deliberated more about it before making any rash decisions.
  3. Annoyance — On Sunday, 7/16, I drove to Chinatown with my parents to support my brother’s 9-man volleyball tournament, New York Mini.  While I was there, I tried to shoot some sports photography with my 70-300, but the AF was not behaving and most of my shots were wildly out of focus and unusable.  I did manage to get one wide angle establishing shot that I was happy with, otherwise I genuinely hated trying to shoot what I wanted while fighting my own camera for it.


The next day, while I was sifting through my pictures and editing, I decided to sell my Canon T6 with B&H.  Online quote was $200 for the camera and kit lens.  So I went into the city and sold it.  Just like that.

So where does the $1000 purchase come from?  I’m currently waiting on an Amazon shipment to come in.

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