I haven’t been to too many zoos and aquariums since I took up photography.  From a photographer’s standpoint, it brings wildlife from around the world within arm’s reach without having to travel.  I also don’t have to invest in large, expensive telephoto lenses that wildlife photographers often have to do to shoot animals in their natural habitat.  Instead, I can make due with a 50 mm or a standard zoom.

The Franklin Park Zoo is the major zoo in Boston and I’ve been eager to check it out for quite a while.   I didn’t have high expectations for it, but I think it was still worth the trip to explore for a few hours.

After a day at the zoo, I took closer to 200 photos with a few different species.  But I’m now in more of a habit to take more quality photos instead of a lot of photos.  Maybe it’s because I’m getting lazy.  Or maybe it’s because I’m spending a lot more time editing each photo.

Quality over Quantity

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