It’s summer break… sort of.  Instead of the usual few months, I only have 3 weeks to enjoy some peace and quiet without the struggles of studying.  What that means for me is doing some maintenance on my blog.  By the time this is published, there should be a menu addition under “Portfolio” that let’s you browse some of my favorite portrait shots I’ve taken.  There’s a “Boston Shoot” menu button and I also updated some of the tags, so that models and photo shoots are easier to find.

Another thing with being back in New York is catching up with some old friends.  So with a free afternoon, Jill and I took a trip to a small lake to do a quick shoot during golden hour.  At least we tried to – the clouds decided to roll through instead.  Soft overcast light is still decent light.

Comparing this shoot to the one I did over a year ago with Jill, it’s strange to see how my shooting style has changed over time.  Who know’s where I’ll be in another year’s time.

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