It’s rare that I shoot photos vertically.  There are a few exceptions, but most of my shots are done horizontally just because I believe that it gives the most context to the image. But there comes a time where you just need to get the most of the model in the shot to make it work.

Featured in this shoot is Emmy, a friend of mine all the way from undergrad.  She was super nice and willing to come out with only a day’s notice to do a shoot that I wasn’t sure was even going to be all that great.  Normally I wouldn’t do a shoot at 3 pm at the beach with a glaring sun because of all of the harsh and unflattering shadows.  But somehow we made it work.

As an aside, this shoot marks 5 straight days of portraiture and photo shoots.  I’m getting better at what I do, and I plan on continuing to grow to do more shoots and make more of my own kind of art.  Special thanks again to Emmy for making this shoot happen!

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