Spring break means another visit home to New York.  Except this time, I’m bringing some friends.

Vision Expo East is a convention for ophthalmic professionals along the eastern coast.  There is a West version that takes place somewhere in California I believe.  But as someone who has lived in the northeast, I’ve been to Vision Expo twice already, mostly to get free merchandise from the vendors.  It’s also a great educational opportunity to learn about the newest technologies in eye care.  As someone who is still learning about the profession, I feel that my generation has the greatest responsibility to learn about the newest drugs, techniques, and materials available to us.

Oh and there was also a painter there.  I wish I got some contact info so I can credit him appropriately.

After the expo, I showed my friends some of the finer bits of fine dining in Midtown.  We only had a few hours to explore, so it was only a small sample of what New York has to offer.  But one of the greater moments was going to one of their hotels, which had rooftop access.  I love rooftops, especially in New York.  When you’re 30 floors up and still surrounded by taller buildings that you realize just how grand the city is.


I haven’t been to a lot of cities, but I’m pretty sure that I’ve been to one of the best ones.

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