Portland, Maine

When I think of Maine, all that comes to mind is a lighthouse among rolling waves and lobster.  One of my friends had the idea to take a quick bus trip over to check it out for a day.  So we did!  The morning was filled with maple bacon donuts and coffee.  We also explored a handlettering/wedding/arts store that sold a lot of great (albeit expensive) items that fit my favorite aesthetic.  The front window had really soft lighting, so much so that it looks like the inside of someone’s apartment.  Unfortunately, some major lobster restaurants were still closed for the season, but I still managed to get my hands on some Maine lobster at a local brunch restaurant though.

Special thanks to my friend Sammie (pictured) for driving me around the city.  The trip would have been a tad more expensive if I had to pay for ride shares to get where I needed to be.  Otherwise most of my trip was spent outdoors exploring old forts, Portland Head Light House, and just gazing at the Atlantic Ocean in general.  It was a chilly experience, but it was fun.

As with any bit of landscape photography, timing is key.  Golden hour at the lighthouse would have been perfect, especially with the steady wind and cloud conditions.  A long exposure of the waves would also look great.  But given that wind chill was well below freezing, it was not a good time of the year for it.  Spring with growing trees would definitely make it pop.

I now have added some new entries to my photo “bucket list”: visit all four corners of the United States.  Florida, Washington, Southern California, here I come.

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