This shoot has a backstory.

When Ed Sheeran released his latest album, ÷ , I immediately fell in love with his songs.  “Perfect” was one song that I didn’t fully appreciate until later.  I knew I had to do a themed shoot based on this song.  But in order to do it justice, I knew I needed to shoot at multiple locations, on different days, with possibly different outfits.  I would need to find a couple who were comfortable with me taking pictures of them and also willing to help me make this vision happen.  If I couldn’t embody the song, then I would at the very least capture what its like for a couple behind the scenes.  This would take a lot more planning than anything I’ve done before.

And so, in the midst of deadlines for school and right before Valentine’s Day, I arranged to do Part 1 of this shoot.  Part 2 and 3 would happen a week later.  I’m going to release the three parts on three consecutive days: Tuesday [2/27] through Thursday [3/1] at 6 pm on each day.

I purposefully chose to not write in the individual.  I want the viewer to draw their own conclusions.  Where are they? What’s happening?  What’s the story here?  This will also be the first time I use the Slideshow function that WordPress has.  The photos need to be viewed in sequence in order to tell the story properly.  Each photo is okay by themselves, but they’re amazing when presented together.

This shoot was months in the making.  I’m excited to share this project with you.

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