New York City will always be a fun place to shoot.  After visiting the city a bunch of times, I’ve gotten used to the sights and tourist spots.  So much so that I don’t know where to come up with a new composition, especially in midtown.  Right around Christmas, I visited the city to run some errands.  And I brought my camera with me.  I had a shot list in mind, and because sunset was so early, I could knock out most of the shots in a reasonable amount of time.

I’ve visited (the front of) the New York Public Library plenty of times, but I’ve never been inside of it.  The difference in popularity of the New York library and the Boston library is night and day.  In Boston, its filled with students and people actually getting work done.  In New York, I walked through most of it shoulder-to-shoulder with other tourists.  So much so, I don’t think I could’ve gotten a good picture without anyone in it if I tried.  But I managed to get a few shots nonetheless.

As an aside, here are two shots of Grand Central Station that I took back in July that have been sitting around for months.  I had a post in mind for them but ultimately decided against it.  So here they are, 6 months later, but still just as beautiful.

NYC is a beautiful place, although its hard for me to really see it after visiting it so many times over the years.  I still have places that I want to go to, including Top of the Rock, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Long Island City and even some locations in Jersey.

But I’ll be back.  I probably always will.

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