New Year’s – The One with Warm Company

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If you’re reading this, we are now comfortably in 2018.  Champagne glasses have been emptied and cleaned, and if you’re diligent enough, resolutions are still holding strong.  By now, I am comfortably back in Boston and in the swing of things to take on the spring semester with my best efforts.  That also means that my friends from home have all returned to their lives on Long Island, in Minnesota, or Virginia.

I don’t have resolutions for every new year.  I think change can happen anytime, regardless of what it says on the calendar.  Most of my change happened in the latter half of 2017, and frankly, I think I’m still in the middle of it.  I’ll continue to practice my photography and hopefully get around to making some money off of it.  I plan on finding a way to make my hobby self-sustaining, where the money I make from projects will just go into better gear, new props, or other expenses.  But that requires further research.

Anyway, here are some shots of the crackling fire we had going all weekend.  And also a fantastic group photo that we took together.



I didn’t really get a chance to capture my last moments of 2017 with my friends.  But I think that’s for the better.  Some moments are better without a viewfinder pressed against your face.

The One with the Frozen Lake

The One Where We Took Flights

The One with Warm Company

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