Because I rarely venture out of my neighborhood, I sometimes forget that Boston is a bustling city with a some large universities.  When I was exploring a few weeks ago, I came across a building that arced beautifully in a university that I can’t currently recall.  I can’t imagine what it would look like jam packed full of students.

I finished the day walking to Boston harbor.  Ideally, I thought I’d get a nice unimpeded view of the ocean horizon (I forgot that there was an airport in the way.)  But when I turned around, I was presented with this cityscape.  It’s not the best composition in the world, but without a tripod, I’m grateful for what I got by putting my camera on wet stone.


Landscape photos will always be the easiest pictures to take, but the hardest to get right.  There’s just so many minute details in the composition to get right.  Next time I visit these areas, I should pack my ultra wide angle.  I haven’t used it in quite a while, but I have a few ideas that I hope to implement in the near future.

Where have you been recently?


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