Night photography, at least when not shooting long exposure, is always interesting to me. Mostly because I never know if what I see is what my camera is going to see.  In well lit conditions, its easy.  But when shooting on the boardwalk, for example, I knew that if I wanted to catch the details of all of the lights, I’d have to underexpose, but I’d lose some details in the people around the lights.  I’m glad I did anyway.

Most of the photos are unedited, except maybe a tilt adjustment or a crop and one black and white photo.  All of the lights also let me experiment with defocus and bokeh, which came out great.  Most of those shots never made it out of my camera.  And to top it off, a quick ride on the Ferris Wheel gave a nice bird’s eye view of the town.


B&W – because why not?


If I could do it over, I would’ve liked to try and get a better composition with a wide angle lens to really capture the bustle and energy of the carnival.  And maybe even have done a long exposure with the carousel to get the blur of people as they spin around.

Wildwood Master Guide

  1. Watch the Tram Car Please!
  2. A Silent Sunrise
  3. Spikeball!
  4. Mud Flood
  5. Saturday Night Lights
  6. Sun Dazed Sunday

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