Nine times out of ten, I’m not a fan of last minute plans. Usually I have my day together and like to stick to it. Surprisingly, my Saturday was empty, so when the opportunity arose to check out a museum in an hour, I decided to go. Plus I figured it would be a good photo op, although I wasn’t 100% sure what I was getting myself into.

The Harvard Museum of Natural History is probably one of the better museum experiences I’ve had in Boston. The zoology portion seemed to stretch forever as it jumped from biome to biome. It was definitely interesting to see such a wide array of animals from all around the world. Some taxidermy jobs were better than others, but I appreciated them all nonetheless. Their paleontology section was also very stunning to see. They have a full 42 foot Kronosaurus skeleton that was so massive I didn’t even know how to take a picture of it. Give it a quick Google if you’re interested to see what I mean.

Out of all the pictures I took, I decided to keep the mastodon, Triceratops, (unknown feline animal), and the shoebill stork. The two other skeletons are from the whale exhibit. I felt extremely small when looking upwards at the whale vertebrae that they had mounted to the ceiling.

If you’re ever visiting the Boston area and love animals/museum exhibits, I highly recommend this one. It’s right in the heart of campus, so if you’re being a tourist anyway, might as well make a stop.

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