July, 2017 — Fort Totten is a Civil War era army establishment located on the northern face of Queens, right where the East River widens to the Long Island Sound.  Today, it acts much as a hiking destination and small tourist attraction for local New Yorkers.  I’ve personally never been, but after seeing it pop up once or twice on my Instagram, I knew I had to photograph it.

Aside from the historical aspect of the park, what makes Fort Totten so interesting to the locals is the jetty that stretches into the sound with an unimpeded view of the Throgs Neck Bridge.  Here, you can always find small families, fishermen, or other people trying to get their next shot for their social media.


After my time there, I’m really starting to feel the limitations of my glass.  My 10-18mm and my 50mm are my go-to lenses to shoot the world around me, but I feel really limited, especially with the 20-50mm range.  I’m considering investing in a Sigma 24-105, but I’ll need to wait and see before I can make that type of jump.

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