I’m not entirely sure when I heard about it, but APPARENTLY, there is a thirty food eyeball just sitting in the middle of downtown Dallas. It was created in 2007 by artist Tony Tasset, and was subsequently purchased by Timothy Headington, the owner of Joule, a luxury hotel right across the street. The eye is modeled after the artist’s own eye, and apparently has no special meaning.

From my perspective, I think it’s pretty neat, but maybe that’s just because I work with eyes all day. From an artistic perspective, I find it bizarre. It sits in the middle of square, fenced in by larger office buildings or hotels with no other pieces of art to join it. It is so incredibly out of place. Of all things to have installed as a standalone art piece, here, have an eyeball. I never really understood it. But it really is charming in person.

One morning, I found some time to make a trip downtown after about two years of living in the area. I’ve always wanted to pay it a visit, but only had an opportunity to do it now. I was there right around sunrise, but because it’s surrounded by buildings, I don’t think it particularly mattered too much. It was just a nice benefit of being completely alone when taking these photos.

It’s been so long, but now I see.

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