2021 – Leaps and Bounds

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New blog post? What a surprise!

Since graduating in May, everything has been non-stop for me. Here’s a rough list of what I’ve done.

  • Moved back to New York for a few days.
  • Moved in with my wife in DFW, Texas
  • Started a temporary optometry position while I waited to get licensed in Texas.
  • Got a new (used) car
  • Moved again to a new apartment
  • Got my optometry license in Texas
  • Started work full time as an optometrist
  • Vacationed to a cabin in Oklahoma for a weekend

Needless to say, I decided to put my photography in the back seat. Between managing work and my home, I didn’t find joy in taking photographs any more. Do I miss it? Of course. But part of my transition from a student to the “real world” is realizing how valuable time is. It is so frighteningly finite, so I strive to make every minute meaningful. I’m not saying I work every second of the day but instead I choose to work smarter and rest more deliberately. I just haven’t found a way to fit photography in like I used to.

Even throughout the year, I was able to find some opportunities to take pictures. It’s nothing portfolio worthy, but I think it was nice to fall back into that mind space to take photos again for a little bit. I’ll write more about my adventures as soon as I can.

Happy new year everyone. I hope you guys stay safe in 2022.

It’ll get better.

It always does.

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