What comes next?

No more assignments and no more late night studying. Now I’m taking much needed time to read (for fun!) and learn as much as I can before putting myself through a steady 9-5. It’s definitely weird to go from a life of education almost non-stop to this. I know most people go through this right after getting a bachelors, but this is my first experience with it and it’s mildly unsettling. But onwards and upwards!

My next steps involve starting new roots in Dallas, Texas. As someone who grew up in the northeast, Dallas is a long way away from home. All things considered, it’s not all too bad. The most important thing is that I’m now settled down with my wife after being apart for the better part of a year. Now we can start tackling problems and building a life together. And what a life it is.

If you were extra attentive, on one of my last posts, there was a button that led to a new Instagram that I started. I’ve sat on the username for a year and half just so I can use it when I’m officially an eye doctor. On it, I plan to post more frequent photos of randomness around my life. No pressure to maintain an aesthetic or count the likes. It’s my own personal time capsule of the next chapter of my life to come. Check it out if you want to follow along.

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