It’s finally time.

After a long journey of ups and downs, its finally coming to a close. A lot of long days and sleepless nights have all accumulated to a piece of paper that grants me the title of “doctor”. Unfortunately, my class won’t be having an in-person graduation, so I won’t really have the full closure of completing this arduous journey with a walk across a stage and a handshake. At my core, it really makes me upset that I won’t be able to celebrate this milestone with my classmates. But I also know there are extenuating circumstances that make an in-person graduation impossible. So I’ve accepted it.

In lieu of not having a full graduation, my friends and I opted to take graduation photos on our own. We opted to go when trees or blossoms were blooming. On the weekend that we went, magnolia trees were almost at their peak, but everything else were still on their way. Good news is that the one tree we used looked great.

We also tried to use large “OD” balloons for our shoot to celebrate our new title. Unfortunately, the “O” sprung a leak within minutes of us starting. So we tried our best to patch it up and make it photogenic and presentable.

And to all of my classmates that are figuratively crossing the stage today, we did it. It feels as if our specific academic year faced a lot of setbacks, but we managed to pull through together all the same. Hopefully with just a bit more clarity.

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