One or two years ago, I learned a photography hack when taking macro photos called “free lensing”. Most camera lenses can’t take close up photos without adapters or other add ons. But, you can take a lens and hold it up to the camera backwards to be able to focus on subjects very, very closely. It’s incredibly difficult to do – you have to hold a lens and camera perfectly still while trying to capture a subject with a depth of field that is millimeters wide. 95% of the time you’re taking a shaky, dark, blurry image. But when you get it right, you can bring out the details of the of even the smallest subjects.

This is a shot I took of one of the projectors at my eye clinic. If you look closely, all of the purple bits to the left of the E are actually reflections from the other lenses on the inside, but because the depth of focus is so thin, you can only really make out a very thin sliver of anything. Everything else is just a blurry mess.

One day I’ll be able to afford a proper macro lens. In nerdy camera news, Canon released a new macro lens for their mirrorless cameras and it looks absolutely amazing. If I ever convert to mirrorless, that would definitely be on the top of my list of things to add to my arsenal.

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