**Post sponsored by Saal Digital**

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to design a calendar with Saal Digital, the same company that I used previously for my first ever photobook. On a personal note, I love calendars but I’m awful at using them. Long time readers might remember that I made a custom calendar as a gift to my friends last year (you can see the Instagram post here.) Since then, I’ve learned that it can be a bit awkward to see a picture of yourself all month, so I decided to design a calendar without any portraits. Just some of my favorite shots from years past. I also tried my best to avoid ones that I’ve printed before in my photobook, just so I can have a better appreciation of a new print.

The design I opted for was 17.7 in x 11.8 in, definitely on the larger side. The larger size makes it come off as an art piece first and foremost, with the printed calendar on the bottom corner as an added bonus. It’s printed fine art paper that has a mildly glossy finish. I intended to make this a calendar that I could write on, but the glossy finish might make it difficult. The color of the calendar grid itself is fully customizable, which I really appreciated, especially since I like cooler blue tones. And with any other custom calendar, you can change the toggle between having the row start with Monday and ending with weekends at the end or have the American variant with Sunday at the start. You can also personalize your holidays – either exclude the one’s you don’t really celebrate and include the days that are important to you. For me, I chose to add major birthdays as well as my anniversary.

I love photo calendars and find that they make great gifts. If you’ve collected photos over the years, I’d highly recommend looking into making for a special someone. It’s useful and also very pleasant to look at as a standalone art piece.

2021 is already looking better and brighter.

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