I was always fascinated by this quote. To me, the phrase ‘every frame a painting’ means that every click of the shutter should make something… artistic. Beautiful, even. Ever since I got obsessed with printing my work, I always have some form of that idea in my head.

“Can I print this?”

Would it look nice as a standalone painting?”

I think this photo answers both of those questions nicely. I’d love to have it printed as a giant 40×60, matted, with a dark brown or black wooden frame. There’s something oddly calming with all of the texture in the crashing wave along with the tendril-like foreground. As far as subject matter, it’s as plain as can be.

I believe that a lot of people will be very underwhelmed by this picture. It’s not overly vibrant and I’m not expecting it to garner a lot of likes on Instagram. But to me, this is my favorite landscape picture I’ve probably taken in 2020. Maybe ever.

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