Here are some bonus pics from my trip to Newport. Again, the weather was less than ideal, but it definitely made the crashing waves aesthetically pleasing. I had a rough time editing the two of them to keep them cohesive, just because the lighting changed so much in a half hour at two separate locations. I wish the skies matched, but something like that is way beyond my photoshop skills.

Bonus fun fact, I ventured too close to the edge of the cliff and had a wave splash me and my gear. Naturally I had on my 35mm that doesn’t have a UV filter on it, so every single one of my shots thereafter were blurry from the water droplets. Saltwater is also notorious for destroying camera gear, so I was admittedly very stressed for about a half hour. But at the end of the day there was no real damage to speak of, so I’m grateful for that.

My next post is from the same trip. And it’s the most calming picture I’ve ever taken in my life. Stay tuned.

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