Three years ago, I walked through a new city in the hopes of furthering my education.  It was also around the time where I was still starting my photography journey.  At this point, I was roaming around with one lens and a versatile APS-C body.  I wasn’t too familiar with post-processing yet, and my photo composition was pretty standard.  But that’s just how it was as a beginner.

At the time of this posting, I’m currently on the road out of Boston.  I’ll be back in the Spring, but not in the heart of the city anymore.  So in memoriam of my time here, I thought I’d walk through my favorite photo spots and recreate some old pictures.  I’ve also included the ‘originals’ from three years ago so you can see the change.

And some bonus shots from the day:

Thank you, Boston.  It’s been fun.

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