If you’re into photography gear or if you’re a photographer yourself, you may have heard of the newest release from Canon: the R5 and the R6. These two bodies have made waves through the photography/videography community, especially with YouTubers because of their groundbreaking video features (8k / 4k 120p uncropped, etc). But with those features, the cameras are also plagued with overheating issues that make them almost unusable. If you want to learn more about these things, a quick search online will tell you everything you need to know about it, but because I only take stills, the overheating isn’t a problem for me.

Of the two bodies, the R6 seems to be the most logical choice. They both share the same sensor but the R5 can take 45 megapixel images while the R6 can only do 20 megapixels. On paper, it seems like a big difference, but for my uses (blog posts, social media, and occasional small prints), 20 megapixels works just fine. I’ve also seen reviews where some computers can’t handle the size of the images from the R5, so I’m willing to wager that I wouldn’t be able to use the images even if I went with the R5.

Am I going to invest in the R6? Maybe not. On the one hand, the upgrade in dynamic range and autofocus would be a major upgrade (life changing even). On the other hand, I’d probably have to invest in mirrorless lenses too, which is another endeavor altogether. Maybe if I find myself doing paid photo jobs, I might invest in better gear. But for right now, my 6D mark II will do just fine.

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