If you’ve followed my photography journey for a while, you might recognize this picture of the Empire State Building. It’s one of my long time favorites because of the golden hour lighting and composition. I liked it so much, I had it printed in my photobook.

What a lot of people don’t know, is that I took a blue hour photo as well. You can see city lights turn on and the sky slowly turning to night. To me, it’s not the best, but the small variation of colors is still visually interesting.

Recently, I had the opportunity to print some of my work again. Although I’ve already made a book, I knew I wanted to try to print something that I think would be nice wall art. And because of quarantine, I found myself at a loss for original photos that I would want to print and hang on a wall. So I decided to dig through my archives and found both of these images and thought about making a composite. Why not mix the best of both to make a 50/50 image of golden hour and blue hour?

And here it is as a 8×10 print on fine art paper. Framed and all.

I ordered a wide array of prints, two of which were “fine art” prints. ZNO provided two paper options for their fine art, so I printed another 10×24 ivory print that I still need to get framed. On the surface, I can tell that the two prints have vastly different textures, but the image quality is comparable between the two. I’ll do a full review once I have the ivory print mounted and presentable.

If you’re a photographer, or even take pictures for fun, I highly encourage printing your work in some medium – either on metal, canvas, or even just a small 4×6 like the old disposable camera days. It really breathes new life into your images, instead of having them sit idly in digital space.

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