In a 3 hour span, I designed, built, and put together a small scene to take a photo for my school’s digital talent show. Here’s how it went.

When my school sent out an email asking for photo or video submissions of people’s talents, I very quickly decided to put one together. What could I do that would be original and sophisticated enough to showcase what it takes to get an interesting photograph? I settled on revisiting an old favorite: Oculus. But I wanted to put some interesting foreground elements, so I decided to hang various lenses in front of the picture. If you want to see a unique behind the scenes of what it took to capture the image, you can see it on my school’s Instagram: here.

Overall, it was a great exercise in creativity to put something together so quickly. When inspiration strikes, it’s best to try to make it reality before it disappears again.

To purchase a print of “Oculus” or “Optical System,” click here!

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