Two weeks ago, Saal Digital gave me the opportunity to curate a photobook. A high end photobook. I sifted through my old hard drive to look for some pictures that I really liked – the best and brightest pictures that I thought summed up my work. I knew I wanted half of them to showcase my portraits, and the other half would be my other pictures of landscapes and other miscellaneous shots. I curated the book in about one to two nights, submitted the order, and waited for it to ship from Germany.

It finally arrived. And I absolutely love it.

The spine and back cover are a faux-wood hardcover in a dark grey/slate color. The front cover is acrylic, with one of my pictures that I took in my bedroom last summer. The first twenty pages features two portraits of my friends and classmates – essentially my two favorite pictures from the shoots that we did. The last twenty are my other favorite pictures from my time in graduate school, with the book culminating in one last picture of my school.

Everyone takes pictures. Almost every single day – the outfit you’re wearing, the food you eat, or the dog that’s roaming down the street. Most of these go online or sit in a memory card somewhere to be viewed later. But there’s something to be said about having physical copies of your photographs. It turns digital art into something tangible. One of my goals for photography was to be “good enough” to put it in print, either on a wall or on a page. My classmates looked at the book today I couldn’t help but think that it was well received. As a photographer, I dream of giving the physical gift of photography and have it have meaning. I think I’m finally there.

Here’s to chapter one of many.

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