This was a fun one.

Going back to the backlit pictures, I found a way to take some portraits while backlit. If the source is large enough, light can wrap around a subject and give off a very ‘moody’ aesthetic. So I took some “black and white” pictures, where one half of the frame was bright white and the other faded into black. After sleeping on the idea, I came up with something that I thought was interesting… a way to curate my favorite ones into something strange.

I’ve been doing “sliders” on Instagram for a long time. A lot of photographers do it, it’s not particularly difficult to do. So I made sure that each picture started with absolute white and ended with absolute black, just so I can have a smooth transition between each picture. Flipped a picture here, blue/red color grading there, and suddenly I had my favorite photoset of myself that I’ve ever taken.

I’ve been surprising myself lately with some of my long-form projects. I find that when I don’t have frequent opportunities to take pictures, I tend to capitalize on the few chances that I do.

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