Before the holidays, an art exhibit opened up in BostonSeaport titled “Entre les Rangs” or “between the rows”. From what I could tell, it looked like a great spot for interesting colors lights. In other words, another photoshoot in Boston.

The theme was to be light and airy – almost dream-like. And honestly, I think we did pretty well.

If you look closely at the umbrella, half of it has fairy lights taped to it. I have a longer set that needs an outlet, but since we were in the middle of a courtyard, it kind of made things difficult. So I used my other set that isn’t really long enough.

Special thanks to Jenny for making the trip with me to do this shoot!

As an aside, I didn’t even notice that I’ve done 20 different shoots. Some were more extensive than others, but each one was a lot of fun to do. Here’s to a handful more before I end up leaving Boston.

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