Here I was thinking that I was done with photoshoots in 2019. But the weather decided to be uncharacteristically generous for the end of December and has given us a 50 F (10 C) day right before Christmas. So when the weather is generous, you try and take some pictures. I also only brought my 35 mm home with me for the holidays, so I felt a bit limited in the type of portrait I can take. But if I can take the majority of the shots from the shoot with Kari with the 35, I’m confident I can make it happen again. This time, I took some portraits of Jill and her friend Paula.

For this shoot, I tried for contrasting outfits – light vs dark / fluid vs rugged. In the end, I don’t think it came across that way, but we still took some nice portraits. You can’t really go wrong with some golden hour sunset vibes anyway.

Fun fact: these pictures were shot in their elementary school playground. If someone told me to take aesthetic pictures on a school playground, I probably would think that it was impossible. But in reality, I probably could have spent some more time exploring the area for more interesting shots.

To view extra pictures from this shoot, download high res versions, or purchase prints, check out the page over at Pixieset for the full gallery.

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