If you want a recap of my 2018, click here.

A few weeks ago, everyone on their Instagram was posting their “2019 Wrapped” – a recap of all of their music listening from 2019. It gave me a gentle nudge to remind me to look back on 2019 and everything I did. Admittedly, I feel that it was a slow year for me, but let’s take a quick look at everything that happened.

Although it was the very tail end of 2018, I feel obligated to mention my first ever engagement shoot I did for my friends Ryan and Lisa. It was a a ton of fun, and a great way to end one year and jump start my 2019.

I also took this gem of Airi in the middle of January. This picture/panorama would also be the most-liked picture on my Instagram for 2019.

I learned how to put together a small studio lighting set-up using a small video light bounced off a Tri-Fold display board. I would go on to take a few different portraits with this makeshift lighting set up.

Happy Place! I explored my first pop-up as a photographer and ran around on a weekday afternoon in April with Emily. It was nice to take my time and explore while also not having to compete with other people trying to take pictures at the same time.

Spring break (end of April) was spent taking a 2 day trip up to Maine. Even in the middle of spring, it was still a little chilly. The seafood was worth it though.

End of May/Early June was a family trip to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. It truly was a marvel to see in person. I hope I have another chance to go back and check out Antelope Canyon as part of my photography bucket-list.

I went through a panorama phase during the summer because I sold my wide angle lens. The Vessel was just one of the places I knew I had to go see while I was home in New York.

Optometry’s Meeting in St. Louis was a quick trip to learn a few things about my profession while also exploring a new city.

August through September was a bit of a lull in my photography. Fall semester was kicking back in, so I had other things on my mind. So when you have a chance to explore a museum on a free weekend, you definitely take advantage of that opportunity.

I purchased my new 35 mm lens at the end of October. To this day, I’m still learning how to use it effectively, but it is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

I fully embraced the portrait lifestyle in 2019, with too many great ones to mention. Here’s a short highlight reel:

2019 was my last full year in Boston, surrounded by all of my classmates. As hectic as it was, I’m glad I was able to continue doing the work when I can.

Here’s to 2020

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