Whenever exam season hits, I always put photography to the side, but it never quite stops me from wanting to take the occasional picture and make some art. So instead of taking my DSLR out and lugging it with me wherever I go, I decided to give myself a small photo challenge for my Instagram story whenever I set up and study for a few hours.

  1. The picture has to be from where I am seated.
  2. Zoomed in to mimic a 50 or 85 mm focal length
  3. Melbourne filter only.

You might also notice one picture was me out on the sidewalk – I decided to take a quick picture during a study break instead for that one.

I tried it out halfway through midterms, and I really enjoyed it. It was very low committal and fast, so I could scratch that photography itch for a bit and go back to my studies. And with finals season rapidly approaching, I plan on being a bit better with it. So if you’re not following me on Instagram, head on over for almost daily pictures on my story depending on where I end up. Bonus points if you recognize where I’m located.

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