Where do I even begin with this one.

I tend to reach out to classmates to model for me, but I always feel bad to ask, especially in the middle of a busy semester. So I usually default to a select few people. But this time was a bit different. Meet Kari – a classmate of mine who I’ve wanted to work with for quite a while, mostly because I admired her creative vision. And when two creative minds come together for a project, some interesting things can happen.

This project was truly one of the funnest experiences I’ve had with photography in a long, long time. The edits took a LONG time, especially since I wanted to do specific types of retouching that I learned recently to make Kari’s eyes really pop. I think it’s a bit overdone in one or two pictures, but I’m still proud of it nonetheless.

At the end of the day there wasn’t a story to tell per se, but it was just a wide array of shots that portrayed a spectrum of emotions. We pivoted wildly from a dreamy ambivalence to the textbook “are you kidding me” attitude. And to top it off, we ended on a high note with a puppy sprinting into our shoot.

Special thanks again to Kari for spending a Friday afternoon running around to get these shots! Go give Kari a follow on her Instagram @_karicature. Stay tuned for a few bonus shots in the next few weeks!

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