It’s been 55 days since I last posted, which is a bit unheard of. I’ve gone from randomly posting, to a twice a week schedule, back to a random schedule, and now a long absence. So what happened?

The short answer is school happened. I’ve had a busy September and October that was filled with events and responsibilities. Everything sort of piled up: clinic days, club events, weekend classes, etc. There was a point where weekends sort of blurred my weeks together so I never felt fully rested. I just worked at the expense of some of my mental health, but it was worth it. I temporarily realigned my priorities to make sure that I did well in school while letting my photography go.

Did I miss it? Well… yeah, sort of. It’s a creative outlet that I still very much still enjoy. Some days I really miss it. Some days I couldn’t be bothered to touch my camera. It comes and goes. The biggest change I noticed was from my Instagram. I’m no longer chasing that minute hit of dopamine from Instagram likes, and it’s nice. I’m not counting likes and checking engagement levels. It’s freeing.

Now that I have some time to myself, I was able to knock out a fall-themed shoot last week. It’s been a long time since I was I actually excited for photography, so I’m going to use this momentum to make content that I enjoy before I close out the fall semester.

I’ll see you soon.

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