When I first started seeing pictures of this place, I thought it was one of the weirdest photo-ops in New York I’ve ever seen. Staircases running up and up in the shape of a beehive. Was it a mall? Was it a building? I had to know.

Turns out, Vessel is a new landmark in Hudson Yards, NYC that is just stairs. It’s meant to be climbed and is completely free. If anyone knows me personally, they know how much I love geometry and symmetry. So this art piece was a place I needed to explore during my limited time here in New York.

The last picture is a funky ratio because it was another composite done with 12 separate images. Let me just say that I’m really over this whole “crash-photoshop-whenever-I-want-a-landscape-picture” thing. I need to find me a nice 35 or 24mm lens ASAP.

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