Boston Shoot XV – Rewritten

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There are some projects that I have in mind that I tend to keep to myself. But when I do get around to shooting it, it’s usually with someone I really trust. Right now is the middle of the 2 week bloom, where all of the trees start to flower and grow again. For Boston, it means that greenery finally returns to the streets and along Charles River. It’s a nice sight to see.

Kristi hasn’t made an appearance on my blog since the last summer. But I thought it was a nice time to collaborate with the spring flowers coming along. Most of the work was in the post-production, where I took some creative liberties with the edits to subtract some green and make the world a bit more ‘dreamy’.

Fun fact, each picture took me about 30-60 minutes to edit. These projects might be starting to get out of hand.

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