Boston Shoot XIV – Bold and Brash

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Take a scroll through some of my last shoots, or even some my other Boston Shoots. I have a particular style – faded blacks, low contrast, and warmer glows to my pictures. It’s what I like and probably my favorite aesthetic. But I wanted to try something a bit different but not too crazy. More contrast and more definition. I asked (yet another classmate) Mandip if she wanted to try and do a shoot. And what a fun shoot this was.

Dodging and burning is an editing tool where you can selectively brighten or darken different parts of an image. You can artificially contour someone’s face, darken the background to make the subject pop, or even make someone’s amazing hair pop even more. It’s a skill I’m trying to learn and incorporate more into my work.

Photography-wise I’ve had a really busy week. And it’s not going to stop anytime soon.

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