From a scale from one to zero, are you happy?

Happy Place pop up arrived in Boston! I love pop ups, maybe just because I enjoy trying to be creative in pre-made sets. The only problem was finding the time and people to go with. Luckily, my friend Emily was available to come explore with me (on her birthday no less.) As far as pop-up experiences go, the people that designed Happy Place knew what they were doing. The colors were bright and the the lighting was impeccable. In a place designed to take pictures in, it took some creativity to take a unique picture that I can call my own.

Special thanks to Emily for dealing with my creative thoughts and helping me take a ‘floating’ picture that I’ve been thinking about for months. Also thanks to her for modeling in all of the different rooms that Happy Place had to offer. To me, pop-up museums are always a great place to explore and take a quick picture for Instagram. In this case, it was an opportunity to escape to a new world for an hour and just… be happy.

On a scale of one to two now, are you happy?

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