There is a subreddit that exists known as ‘InstagramReality’. The premise of r/instagramreality is exposing poorly done facetune or Photoshop to show the reality behind social media posts. It isn’t meant to bash those who do it, but to bring the light the disparity that exists between online and real life. A lot of people fall into a really negative mindset when they see ‘Instagram models’ that fit their vision of beauty. Sometimes a lot of hard work and money goes into achieving that look (i.e diet, exercise, makeup expertise), and other times they let software do the work. Everyone puts their best foot (or face) forward when it comes to their online presence, it’s just the way it is. And I’m no different. Here’s a classic ‘spot the difference’ experiment:

A lot of people don’t like the way they look in pictures. There is a lot of psychology behind why this is the case. The lens you use to the literal perception of what you look like can affect your self-image. I’ve gotten better at accepting my own image of myself. But I’m not quite there yet. I believe that everyone should be happy with how they look. And as a photographer I’m going to do my best to prove it.

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