A few months ago, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo premiered on Netflix. Aside from the usual space-saving tips and tricks, one of the wholesome messages of the show was to ask a really simple question. “Does this spark joy?” The main idea is that items in your house should have meaning to you or provide a special feeling whenever you use it. If it doesn’t, chances are it’ll be better if you let it go. After the initial hype of the show has died down, I would sometimes use “sparking joy” or “spark joy” ironically – mostly to describe how non-joyful my semester was going.

But now that I have some free time, I’ve thought about my photography and if I should keep pursuing it. What’s the point if taking pictures doesn’t make me any money? I’m not Instagram famous, a travel blogger, or a ‘foodie’. I just do this for fun. Most of my favorite photos don’t even garner that much attention. But that’s okay. Because the art of taking pictures still sparks joy for me.

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