Tilt shift photography is a technical term used to describe moving a lens to change the plane of focus of an image. Without getting too in-depth, it’s commonly used in architecture photography to correct any skewed lines and perspective distortion. It can also be used with everyday photography where it can give a very surreal effect by isolating subjects in an interesting way. Eric Floberg’s content is what introduced me to the concept of using tilt-shift in portraits, so you can click on that video to learn more. But aside from portraiture, if you apply a tilt-shift effect to a top-down image, you can make it look smaller, like you’re photographing a toy set.

A canon tilt shift lens is a nice and affordable $2,000, so getting my hands on one is a bit out of the question. But I found a way to simulate the miniature effect using Photoshop. So I did just that.

If you’re just looking at them, it really does look like you’re staring at a bunch of small figurines and toy cars. I highly recommend clicking and zooming in to see the fine details. Once it gets warmer, I’ll try and apply the tilt shift effect with a portrait, or I’ll just dig back through my archives and apply the affect from an old shoot. Either way, plan to see more of this in the near future.

I’m not sure why, but these photos gave me a headache when I was editing them. Something about the depth of focus was really messing with my perspective after a while.

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