Just one photo this time, and it’s a selfie… sort of.

For the last week and a half, all of my favorite photography YouTubers have been releasing tutorials on how to do a “reverse lens macro”. In short, if you take a lens off of the camera, flip it, and hold it against the front of the camera, the lens turns into a macro lens. Unfortunately, there are a ton of problems as well. You lose control of the lens, the depth of focus is incredibly thin, and you need an absurd amount of light to photograph anything.

I wanted to try and photograph the one thing that I stare at more than anything these days: an eye. With that being said, there is a much easier way to get this picture using ophthalmic instruments. Anytime you go to the optometrist and they look at the health of your eye, this is essentially what they see (with even greater magnification). I could have easily stuck my phone to the back of a microscope and snapped a quick picture, but what’s the fun in that?

I also know that there are thousands of macro photos of eyes online, so this picture is far from original. But I wanted to give it a try regardless. Turns out it takes a lot of work to take a good macro shot of an eye with a DSLR,

AC:  deep and quiet; (-) cells and flare

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