Boston Shoot XII – Floating on Cloud Nine

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About a week ago, Angelica reached out to me to do a shoot together. I wanted to try and do it this past weekend due to good weather, but I also needed to think about it for a while. I wanted to have a plan, especially since I was going to work with someone new for the first time. But that didn’t work out. As with most plans, this one quickly devolved into my usual “let’s just shoot and see what happens.” Almost none of the pictures relate to each other thematically. Some are bright and airy. Others are dark and intimate. As a collection, they don’t make much sense, but individually they’re each a real work of art.

The first picture was a proof-of-concept image to see if I could pull off that effect in the first place. It turned out to be a LOT of work, but not as much as I thought. Now that I know how to take a floating photo, I plan on doing a shoot with just floating subjects. I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

As for the rest of the shoot, we were just running around trying to find decent light to shoot in (preferably indoors). Large windows are always a safe bet. The last shot is also a personal favorite of mine just because the lighting is so dark and moody. Frosted glass tends to diffuse light really well for that. (If you’re a classmate of mine and you’re reading this, send me a message if you can guess where this was taken.)

Special thanks to Angelica for working with me!

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