When I did my last shoot with Airi, we took a moment at the end of the shoot to try some long exposure shots at night. If you’re by a busy intersection, set your shutter speed nice and slow, you can capture some really interesting artifacts from passing traffic. The photo we ended up with was good, it didn’t necessarily fit with the rest of the shoot, but it did get me thinking. If I could get this shot while resting my camera on a bench, I could probably do a little better with a tripod and some time on my hands.

Because of how old Boston is, it has an abundance of winding roads that are very different from the grid-like pattern that makes up New York. Some of which are within walking distance from my apartment. I brought my kit and tripod around town without a real plan in my head. If I saw an interesting intersection, I set up camp for a few minutes and took a few shots.

If you look closely, you would notice some funny artifacts from taking multiple long exposures and melting them together (ex: multiple traffic lights on). Regardless of how the photos came out, I can’t help but think about how it looks like the world is zipping by when you’re standing still. Everyone is going to where they need to be, even if it involves staying still for a bit. As someone who always wants to be productive, I sometimes catch myself wasting some time here and there.

And that’s okay.

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