To me, the end of November was always the start of the holiday season.  Once (American) Thanksgiving hit, the cold air settles in and it’s time for Christmas and New Year’s right around the corner.  Personally, I always love the holiday season.  For someone as busy as me, it’s time to step back and spend time with family and close friends.  It’s also a break between school semesters, so it’s a time to reset and start anew in January.  But more on that later.

Thanksgiving just past, and for me, it was a very busy holiday catching up with loved ones.  It was definitely… different (for obvious reasons), but it was still a time to get be happy, and more importantly, thankful for the aspects of my life that are doing well.  I’m thankful for my supportive family and friends back in New York.  I’m thankful for my close group of friends in Boston that keeps me motivated to on track.  And I’m thankful for my good health, while I cough up a lung typing this out.

I have three weeks left here in Boston before the end of the semester.  And what a busy three weeks it’s going to be.

Yes, there are cat ears in that third photo.

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